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About 52 students at SCS currently receive scholarships from Scholarships for Kids. You can help students in the state benefit from high-quality education in a nurturing Christian environment through your contributions. 

See the step-by-step guide here for more information on donating to Scholarship for Kids. 



Dear Supporters,

As we come to the end of the year, we are grateful for so many of you who have already contributed to Scholarships for Kids. We also recognize that this has been a challenging year to all of us, including our schools, teachers, students and their families.

Nonprofits across Alabama and the country raised millions of dollars last week during Giving Tuesday, and hopefully you supported other organizations that need your support. Now we are asking that you redirect your tax dollars to Scholarships for Kids. We are a unique organization in Alabama which raises funds by taxpayers simply sending the taxes you already owe to provide valuable education in schools across our state. You can turn your obligation into an opportunity for students to attend high quality schools of their choice. 

For individuals there have been no changes; it is still a dollar for dollar tax credit and doesn't cost you anything! You are simply redirecting your tax dollars from the state to low-income students. For business owners, there are new provisions you can read about here which may allow for you to receive the same dollar for dollar tax credit as an individual and also deduct it as a business expense! No matter how you give, please join for these students and for the future of Alabama.


Stephen Bridgers
Executive Director
(205) 246-5613

P. O. Box 10204
Birmingham, Alabama 35202

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