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Visual Arts

God is the ultimate creator and at Shoals Christian School we teach our students that since we are all created in His image we all have creativity inside of us.  Shoals Christian's Visual Arts program enables our students to learn different art techniques, work with different mediums, try new methods and work with a variety of tools that allows them to create a multitude of artwork. Students learn about the elements of art and how each element plays a part in the creation of all artwork. The study of art creates more observant individuals who can appreciate the beauty of the natural world, with the hope that they will come to see God as an artist and draw closer to Him through the process of making art.

 All Elementary, Middle School, and Junior High students participate in art classes that meet weekly.  High School students have the option to take Advanced Art as an elective that meets daily. Student work is prominently exhibited in our annual Shoals Christian School Student Art Exhibition.

If you have any questions on Shoals Christian's Art program please contact Sara Quimby at

Shoals Christian Art Gallery


Sara Quimby

Sara Quimby

Art Teacher