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5 Things to know about PTF

1. We will not ask you to do anything you are not comfortable doing like baking cookies or making a speech. Unless that is your gift! We appreciate every big and small thing that you are able to contribute. We value each Box Top, each donation to the Blessing Fund, each comment or suggestion. We are a diverse group with a common goal. There are many different ways to help out.

2. PTF stands for Parent Teacher Fellowship. Being a part of the PTF is an easy way to connect with and get to know like-minded parents. Shy? Uncomfortable in a crowd? Like to live in your sweatpants? We’re right there with ya; you’ll fit right in! You are vital to our organization; without you our group would not exist.

3. You will get to know the teachers and realize that....they are human just like us. They are not saints (although some of them seem to be!) and they make mistakes just like us. In fact, many of them are parents themselves, just like us. They are also vital to our organization; without them we would just be the PF. Something very important would be missing.

4. You can see firsthand how our school operates. Think those kids always walk silently through the halls? That they ace all their tests with no help? Think they always remember to pick up after themselves in lunchroom or classroom? (If yours do, please help me! If only I had a $ for every time I said pick up your shoes or your backpack...) Parent participation at school and at school events fosters a stable learning environment. It shows our unity with the teachers. And that we are all in this together.

5. “We are rolling in cash, the teachers have everything they need and our facility is stacked with state-of-the-art everything”. Nope, don’t we wish! The truth is we really need you. Everything you do matters. It’s not too late to join. If you would like more information, please contact one of the PTF officers or see the office for a membership form.

Crystal Sanders – President

Leah Hyde - Vice-President

Stephanie Richards – Treasurer

LeeAnn McKinney - Secretary


Want more information about PTF? Contact president Crystal Sanders at

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