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The Board of Directors of SCS is committed to making tuition affordable for families desiring a Christian education. Since the founding of the school in 1997, significant funds have been devoted to tuition assistance. 

SCS has contracted the services of ISM's Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) to make the determination of financial need. Their online application keeps your financial information secure and confidential.  


FAST provides a need-based financial aid analysis service and provides the school with a report, which includes a recommendation of how much a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. All information from FAST is kept confidential. Upon approval, financial aid offers are sent to families who have applied. 


While the availability of school resources, the number of qualified applicants, and overall budgetary constraints influence financial assistance decisions, SCS is committed to making grants available to as many eligible applicants as possible.

Financial Aid Process for CURRENT SCS FAMILIES: 

Complete the FAST online application at this link: FAST

**PLEASE NOTE: SCS cannot consider financial aid awards on any prospective student who has NOT first completed and submitted an application for admission to our school. To submit an application for enrollment, click on this link: Enrollment Application

Financial Aid Process for New Families:

  1. AFTER you have completed and submitted an SCS enrollment application for each child, complete the FAST online application. To access, click this link: FAST

  2. Click the Get Started button at the bottom of the first page. The application is self-guided and can be saved mid-session. Online e-mail and a 24/7 helpline is available.

  3. FAST application fee is $48 US and will be charged as 'Independent School Management.' The application fee is non-refundable and payable by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. (Discover card is not accepted.)

  4. A copy of your most recent tax return, with all schedules, should be uploaded directly to FAST. *The Business Manager can upload the documents electronically for you if you bring them to the school office rather than mailing them. This speeds up the process. If you prefer to mail the documents, we can provide you a pre-addressed envelope from the school office.

  5. Once the application process is completed, the school will be notified when the report is ready. You may be contacted by the school office if additional information is needed.

It is SCS’s desire to extend financial aid offers before families are required to commit to any financial contracts. Current enrolled families are expected adhere to financial aid deadline dates as communicated by email.

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