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Admissions Policy

Shoals Christian School is a coeducational institution for students in grades K-4 through 12.

There are several prerequisites necessary for admission to Shoals Christian School.  A step-by-step Admissions procedure can be found on the Admissions tab under "Steps to Admission".  Based on the items listed below, students are admitted without regard to race, color, national, or ethnic origin.

The items are:

1. Parents must understand that Shoals Christian School teaches from a distinctively Christian perspective with the goal of helping our students embrace a Biblical worldview. Parents who partner with Shoals Christian agree to fully support this approach to Christian education.

The academic program of Shoals Christian includes attendance at weekly chapels and other forms of spiritual formation (retreats, athletic chapels, etc.) Parents agree to full participation of their student in these activities.

2. All Shoals Christian families are encouraged to be actively involved in a Bible-believing church. We have found that the partnership between the home, the church, and the school is most beneficial for students. Character and behavioral references will be requested and contacted as part of the application.

3. Students must meet the age deadline of September 1 to enter K-4, K-5 or first grade. Students who do not meet the deadline, but seek to enroll, may be considered on an individual basis. Testing may be required at the discretion of an administrator. Pursuant to Code of Alabama §16-30-1, all students in grades K5-12 must have a valid Alabama Certificate of Immunization or Religious Exemption Certificate on file prior to the beginning of each school year.

4. Students seeking to enroll must score at or very near grade level in both reading and mathematics as evidenced by standardized achievement scores beginning at the second grade level.  A strong "C" average must be present in all subjects, based upon the student's last report card. New students applying (rising grades 2-12) may be required to successfully complete admissions testing in reading and math as a condition of acceptance and enrollment. This will be scheduled after academic records are received and reviewed. 

5. Students may not have been suspended or expelled, or be actively on suspension from another school during the previous or current school year or have a history of discipline problems. 

6. Parents and students must complete an interview with a member of school administration after submitting a completed application form for each student enrolling and a non-refundable $75 application fee for each application submitted.

7. Student and parents must be willing to abide by all school policies as described in the Student/Parent handbook.

8. Shoals Christian School reserves the right to disqualify from admission any student with a known pattern of tobacco, alcohol, or drug use, sexual activity, or any other disciplinary concerns.

9. If any pertinent information on the application or on other records has been falsified or omitted Shoals Christian School reserves the right to dismiss the student from school.