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Library Guidelines

Each student is expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Respect the materials available.

  2. Return all materials to the proper location; if unsure of location, request assistance.

  3. Return checked-out material promptly to allow others the opportunity to use them.

  4. Keep noise level to a minimum, to allow others to also enjoy the library.

  5. Keep the library orderly by returning furniture to the correct location, clearing work area of paper, pencils, etc., and placing trash in proper receptacles.

  6. Follow procedures for checkout and return of materials.

  7. Follow guidelines for Internet usage.  Students must have a Computer Usage Policy Agreement signed by a parent/guardian and the student on file in the school office prior to Internet use.

  8. Food and/or drink are not allowed in the library.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines and/or instructions of media staff may result in the loss of library privileges.

Review of Materials

Anyone finding what he or she considers to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate materials in the library must follow the policy concerning such materials.
• First, material should be viewed or read in its entirety.
• Second, the complete a Request for Material Review form, which may be obtained from the office or the library, and return it to the Media Specialist.
• Third, a rotating ad hoc committee consisting of a representative of the teaching faculty, administration, Board of Directors, and the media specialist will examine the matter.  The committee will decide if the materials will remain a part of the library collection. The findings of the review committee will be communicated to the person filing the complaint. All decisions are final.

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