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Shoals Christian School participates in the Early College program offered by the University of North Alabama. This program is an excellent opportunity to take college courses at a lower cost while still in high school. Many of these courses can be applied toward the graduation requirements at Shoals Christian and all will become part of the permanent college transcript, earning college credit. The program is primarily geared toward juniors and seniors. SCS is not responsible for transportation, and the timing of the classes must coincide with the SCS schedule. Students desiring to participate in these programs must obtain the necessary forms from the Academic Dean, be pre-approved by the school administrator, and meet the guidelines and restrictions as outlined on the UNA Early College website. Students are responsible for purchasing books for UNA Early College classes.

We also participate in a dual enrollment program with Northwest-Shoals Community College. SCS teachers offer classes on the SCS campus, and qualified students may elect to enroll as Northwest-Shoals Community College students, receiving college credit. All Northwest-Shoals Community College tuition and fees apply. More information can be obtained from the Academic Dean.


Common Dual Enrollment and/or Early College courses for SCS students are as follows:

English 101 and 102 – NWSCC at SCS campus (senior year)

History 201 and 202 – on campus at UNA or online through UNA (junior year)

Biology – NWSCC at SCS campus (junior or senior year)

History 241 – Introduction to American Government - online through UNA (senior year)

Pre-Calculus 112 – NWSCC at SCS campus (junior or senior year)

Pre-Calculus 113 – NWSCC at SCS campus (junior or senior year)

Calculus 125 – NWSCC at SCS campus (senior year)

Sociology – online through NWSCC (junior or senior year)

Music/Art Appreciation – online through NWSCC (junior or senior year)

**Grades in dual enrollment and/or early college courses will be weighted on the high school transcript by adding 10 points to the grade earned.
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