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Strategic Plan


Shoals Christian School has experienced Gods amazing and abundant blessings since our founding over 25 years ago. He continues blessing us today as we enjoy an exciting atmosphere of enthusiasm combined with tremendous growth in our school seeking to follow Gods plan for our future,. Our school has established a Three Year Strategic Plan to provide clear, concise framework that facilitates growth while ensuring continued consistency in our mission, vison and values.   To achieve our vision, we will focus on the following areas of opportunity:

  • Biblical Education- Through a comprehensive, K-12 Bible curriculum, well equipped faculty, effective chapel programming and with prayer permeating all aspects of campus life, we will integrate Biblical Truths and instruction preparing students to confidently defend their faith. 
  • Courageous Leadership- We will communicate and consistently uphold our mission in a way that builds trust, demonstrates  integrity, and honors the Lord.
  • Facilities- To facilitate growth and the expansion of our facilities, we will follow a detailed master plan and be financially prepared to support and maintain that plan.
  • Community Relations- We will effectively tell our story and increase community awareness of our school through service opportunities and church partnerships.