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Cafeteria Policies

SCS offers a hot lunch program to Pre-K & Kindergarten - 12th grade students. Students are required to have a daily lunch, either purchased in the lunchroom or brought from home. Students are not allowed to check-out and leave campus to purchase lunch. Outside restaurant food is not allowed to be brought to school. The daily lunch menu is posted monthly to the SCS website and RenWeb. Elementary students (Pre-K & Kindergarten - 6th) are served a daily pre-set menu selection and JH/HS (7th - 12th) students are served "A la carte" selections. Food and drinks are not allowed outside the lunchroom.

Lunch Accounts

Lunch accounts are tracked in RenWeb through the Lunch Accounting System on your Family Statement. If your student will be eating in the lunchroom, money needs to be on deposit in the Lunch Accounting System at all times. Your student(s) lunch account needs to maintain a credit balance with money on deposit. An automated Lunch Charge Alert email will be sent out daily to those accounts who have a charge balance of $5.00 or greater. The Lunch System has the ability to put individualized notes or alerts on an account should the parent so choose. Please speak to the lunch staff in person if you are interested in this option. Students may not purchase lunches from another student's account.

Lunch Charges

Lunchroom charges are strongly discouraged. As a courtesy, should a student forget money or a lunch, a charge will be allowed. A charge limit of $15.00 will be strictly enforced. Payments on charges are due the following school day. If the charge limit of $15.00 is reached, and the student does not have a lunch, the parent(s) will be called to bring one for the student and a $1.00 handling fee will be charged for parent notification. Repeated abuse of account charges will result in suspension of lunch account privileges.

Lunch Cards

JH/HS students are issued a bar-coded lunch card to present to the cashier while purchasing from their lunch account. Each time the student does not present his card, a .25 charge will be applied to their account. If the lunch card is lost, a replacement card can be issued for $1.50.

Methods of Payment

Students may purchase lunch by cash or check on a daily basis. Should a student purchase a lunch with cash, while their account has a charge balance, the lunchroom reserves the right to keep the change to apply toward their account. When making payment into a lunch account, payment by check is preferred. The student's name should be written on the memo line of the check. All cash payments need to be enclosed in an envelope and labeled with the student's name, date and amount of cash enclosed. Cash payments for 6th grade and below will be processed through their lunch account. The lunchroom is not responsible for unmarked cash payments sent to the lunchroom. The lunchroom is not allowed to cash checks or refund cash from check purchases.

Packed Lunches

When packing your student's lunch at home, please send all supplies your student may need for their lunch. Utensils, paper goods, and condiments are not provided for packed lunches. Elementary students may purchase milk, juice, or tea for $1, or a cup of water for .25. Outside restaurant food is not allowed to be brought to school. Colored drinks (orange, red, green, blue or purple disposable juices) are not allowed to be brought to school. Microwaves are available for students to use. Microwave use is a privilege and students are expected to clean their work areas. 

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