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Enrollment Confirmation for Current Students

SCS Parents -

It's time to look ahead to the 2019-20 school year! As you know, in 2017 we moved into a Continuous Enrollment Agreement. God has blessed us this year with more than 90 new students and we are praying for the blessings to continue.

Because space is getting tight, we need to have enrollment confirmed ASAP for planning purposes for 2019-2020.

Things to Know:

Tuition rates are the SAME as last year – no increase!

There is a multi-child discount starting with child #3 (details on the Tuition and Fee Schedule)

Here's what to do before March 15 to confirm continued enrollment next year for your student(s):

1. Log into your RenWeb Parents' Web account via the SCS website – not the RenWeb phone app (

2. Select Family Information

3. Select Enrollment Button

4. Follow the prompts through each screen to:

  • Update your demographics - make sure we have your current contact information - email, phone, mailing address
  • Select your tuition payment plan for next year

5. Pay the Enrollment Deposit (a credit toward your total tuition) of $200 per student. 

*Remember, there is no monthly tuition billing during March to allow for the enrollment deposit to be paid.

6. That's it - you're done!

*If enrollment isn't confirmed by March 15, the deposit amount increases to $400.


Details from the Enrollment Agreement:

Per the Continuous Enrollment Agreement signed last year, the parent agreed to a continuing academic relationship until the Student graduates or until the Agreement is terminated. That agreement excerpt follows below.

The School shall provide information regarding the subsequent school year’s tuition amount and tuition deposit amount to the Parent/s at least two weeks in advance of such March 15th date. If Student will be continuing their enrollment at the School, Parent/s will select their tuition payment plan for the following year by completing the Enrollment Confirmation process on their RenWeb family account no later than March 15th of the then current school year. A tuition deposit for the new school year will be required during Enrollment Confirmation no later than March 15th that will confirm intent to return. The tuition deposit is non-refundable.

This Agreement may be terminated by the Parent/s as to any subsequent school year upon submitting a hard-copy written notice (email is not an acceptable form of written notice) of termination to the Director of Admissions/Development on or before March 15th of the then current school year. For purposes of explanation, if Student will not be returning to the School during the following school year, the School must receive a hard-copy written notice from the Parent/s about that decision by March 15th of the then current school year.


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